About us

About Trinity Baptist Church

We are a church that loves God and his people. Our vision is to reach our community, Shirley, NY and the East end of Long Island for Christ. We do this by preaching and teaching the Gospel, conducting outreach, and through evangelism.

TBC also holds events throughout the year such as BBQ's, block parties, and revivals to reach our local community. Our movie nights will be starting back soon.

Everyone is welcome, come as you are, to any of our events, Bible Studies, and services.

Our theological stance derives from the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 which can be found here.

Trinity Baptist Church

where His Word is taught faithfully

At Trinity Baptist Church, we know all scripture is God-Breathed and inerrant. The Word is to be taught. It should be used to train others in righteousness. When someone is rebuked or corrected it should be according to the Word. It is the infallible Word of God.